The Spark Behind Stone Anvil Jewelry

Picture this: a small picturesque art school tucked up in the cedar-lined hills of Portland, Oregon. One building, the Metals Studio, is my sanctuary of creativity, filled with the sweet symphony of hammers banging away 20 hours a day. Amid the chaos, the idea for Stone Anvil Jewelry sparkled like a well-polished gem: make beautiful, well-constructed jewelry that nobody has ever seen before.

So, armed with a BFA, a business license, and a healthy obsession with torches, I set out to create jewelry that's more than just pretty; it's a love affair with metalsmithing, and dedication to making high quality jewelry. Nearly a decade later, I am still designing jewelry that honors the traditions of metalsmithing while embracing a fusion of classic and contemporary style. 

Stone Anvil's style? Imagine Mother Nature and a disco ball having a love child – bold, glittery, and wonderfully unexpected. I craft each piece with a love for the eccentric, using sterling silver, gold, and occasionally bronze. Forget about mass-produced monotony; my pieces are like the cool, art world Auntie of the jewelry industry, scoffing at the notion of basic designs and plated base metals.

So, when you wear Stone Anvil, you're not just accessorizing; you're joining a glittering rebellion against the ordinary. It's not just jewelry; it's an art party, and you're invited to dance like everyone's watching (because they should be!).

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