About Stone Anvil

Stone Anvil is artist-created jewelry, meticulously hand crafted from sterling silver, gold, and mixed materials. We feature ethically sourced gems and fair-mined or recycled metals, with gender-affirming styles and sizing for everybody and every BODY. 

Stone Anvil is a queer-owned, feminist company. We are trans-inclusive and body-positive, and we believe that Black Lives Matter. We are committed to fighting fascism and supporting our communities. Each month we donate a percentage of our sales to an organization that reflects our values. 

 Tayja Danger

Tayja Danger (she/her) is the metalsmith behind Stone Anvil. She hails from the Pacific Northwest United States; she grew up in the small island town of Sitka, Alaska, and now calls Portland, Oregon her home. She received her BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft with a concentration in Metals. Tayja teaches metalsmithing classes to all levels of learners at Multnomah Arts Center and 9020 Studios, and taught at OCAC until its closure in 2019. She is a founding member of the Portland-based New New Collective.

In her fine art practice, Tayja endeavors to advance Queer and Feminist movements by creating contemporary jewelry that speaks about social issues and popular culture. Though she often makes pieces about political and intersectional issues, you can also see strong botanical influences from the natural world in her work.

Her artwork emphasizes formal elements and high quality craftsmanship, and honors traditional metalsmithing processes. She believes that placement on the body as a wearable art piece brings a form of intimacy to the viewer and the wearer. Art jewelry centers process and contemporary craft, embracing traditional methods of making as well as innovation and alternative art materials.

See her fine art website Stone Anvil for more!