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Our Favorite Season: Fall (of the Patriarchy)

As a bruja from an entire family of old school witches, it is with great joy that I bring you this special collection of enchanting jewelry, perfect for this time of year! These moon-inspired, black cat-evoking, and haunted-object pieces encapsulate the spirit of the Halloween season, but have year-round wearability. Especially for my fellow oddballs and witchy folks! Pick out your favorite charmed object and wear it with pride. 

"Magick isn't the absence of obstacles or hard work or even wrong-direction hopes. Magick is the steady development of personal power in the pursuit of a world beyond the white-supremacist, capitalist war machine that depends on misogyny at its helix foundation" -Ariel Gore, We Were Witches

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    Hexed Skull Earrings
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